nuclear cc assist manufacturers to supply goods and services into the U.K. Nuclear Industry


U.K. Generic Design Assessment


Nuclear cc have working knowledge of Generic Design Assessments in the U.K., having offered guidance and support on development of reactor design.


We can help your company work alongside the U.K. nuclear supply chain


To supply nuclear manufacturing and construction to the United Kingdom, everyone must comply with the regulations set forth by the Office of Nuclear Regulation (ONR).  Nuclear cc work with your company and the ONR to allow you access to the lucrative nuclear supply chain.

为了向英国提供核能制造和建设,所有厂家都必须遵守英国监管当局 (ONR) 核管制的规定


Pre-Construction Safety Reports


Nuclear cc authored a Nuclear Quality Safety Case chapter for the AP1000 Pre-Construction Safety Report.  Nuclear cc acted as a Nuclear Specialist between Westinghouse Electric Company and the Office of Nuclear Regulation during the GDA process.

核能cc公司撰写了核质量安全案例一章是有关AP1000 的施工前的安全报告. 核能cc公司在GDA进程期间担任西屋电气公司与英国监管当局ONR之间的核能专家。

Expert authority on U.K. civil nuclear requirements


Nuclear cc is a qualified training, consultancy and regulatory compliance practice of over 50 years, specialising in the Nuclear & Manufacturing industry.

We assist organisations, whether entry-level or established manufacturers, to meet and demonstrate compliance against nuclear regulatory requirements.



We have provided success to manufacturers in nuclear


We assist organisations, whether entry-level or established manufacturers, to meet and demonstrate compliance against nuclear manufacturing regulatory requirements.

We ensure continued compliance against industry standards through gap analysis, auditing and assessment.

We work closely with the Nuclear Industry Association and the CQI Nuclear Special Interest Group, and take due cognisance of Governmental legislation for continual improvement within the nuclear sector. We keep our clients duly informed on current and forthcoming regulatory global requirements.



What Our Clients Say


“Nuclear cc has introduced us to a whole new way of thinking in terms of our Quality Management Systems against changing nuclear standards… We can now easily demonstrate our organisational capability and compliance to clients.”


Gill Marsden
Managing director
nis integrated engineering

“They played a key role helping us secure a £50m contract that has been the catalyst for significant growth across our business.  We are now working with them to ensure we are ready to meet the forthcoming ISO 19443 nuclear standard.”

核能cc公司帮助我们确保了5000万英镑的合同, 过程中发挥了关键作用,是我们扩张业务发展的催化剂。我们正在与他们合作确认我们成功迎接即将到来的ISO 19443核能标准。

Austen Adams
managing director
stainless metalcraft

“The Support we have had from Nuclear cc , has given us valuable insight into the understanding of complex nuclear regulatory requirements.  Working closely with them on compliance and capability, we’re future proofing TSP’s vision to be the partner of choice.”


John Coughlan
director/chief operating officer
TSP Engineering

“Supported by Nuclear cc… a review of HTG’s organisational capability was undertaken against changes to regulatory requirements, the resulting recommendations has enabled our group to increase global growth capability across all sectors.”


Ewan Lloyd-Baker
Hayward Tyler Group